How Many Calories To Eat For Gaining Muscle Made Simple

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The Best Way To Calculate Calories  For Gaining Muscle

So you want to gain muscle or gain weight Either way, you’re ready to figure out how many calories you need to eat per day to make that happen as effectively as possible.

So 1st you need to figure out you maintenance calories i have posted a video  on How To calculate you maintenance calories after you have figured out your maintenance calories you just need to eat above that but keep in mind

  1. The surplus needs to be big enough to build muscle as effectively as possible.
  2. The surplus needs to be small enough to avoid gaining unnecessary fat.

If you supply your body with more calories than that amount, those extra calories will always be stored in the form of fat, not i suggest for men it would be 20% surplus and for women 5-10%

What if I reach a “plateau” and I stop gaining weight/muscle?

Depending on how much muscle you’re looking to build, it’s possible that some people may eventually reach a point where they are no longer gaining weight at the ideal rate.

If this happens (and it’s been like that for a couple of weeks in a row), guess what you should do? Yup, just increase your current daily calorie intake by about 250 calories (for guys) or 125 calories (for girls) and see if you get back to gaining at the ideal rate then.

And with that, the most important part of your diet is all figured out and ready to go. Good job!


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