When Should You Change Your Workout ?

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How often should you change your workout?

So, how often do you change your workout? Or, even better, how often are you supposed to change your workout?

Progression is the one and only type of change that your body requires.

So, does that mean your workout should stay exactly the same for the next 50 years? Not exactly. There are 2 reasons you SHOULD change your workout. They are:

  1. When progress stops.
    If what you’re doing is working, keep doing it until it stops working. It seems like a pretty simple concept, but apparently it isn’t. One of the dumbest things I hear/see people do all the time is find something that works, and then change it solely because it’s been “6 weeks and it’s time to change it.” That’s just silly.If you’re doing something that is working well, don’t stop doing it. Whether it works for 6 months, a year, 5 years, 10 years or 50 years, as long as it’s working and progression is still happening at an acceptable rate, there is absolutely no reason to change it. No matter what some bad source of information tells you (bodybuilding magazine, some dumb personal trainer at the gym, some idiot on a fitness related forum, etc.), your workout doesn’t need to be changed, and your body doesn’t need to be shocked. It just needs to progress, and as long as you’re doing that… that’s all that really matters.
  2. When boredom starts.
    There is however one other reason that I feel would warrant a change to your workout… boredom. Now, hear me out. If you’re getting bored with your workout every other week, you really just need to suck it up and stop being such a baby. Seriously. However, if after a somewhat longer period of time (where there was at least some sane amount of consistency) you become bored with what you’re doing to the point where it may hinder your progress… you should probably change something.
    What that means is, if you become so bored and/or uninterested with your workout that it’s preventing you from working hard and putting in a good amount of effort, or even causing you to miss or think about missing some workouts, you should change something. Even if what you’re doing is working, make a change. Because, while the short term progress may be good, if it’s going to cause long term problems (like you quitting because you’ve lost interest) then this is the one time when change should be made even though what you’re doing is working.


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