Arms Workout- 6 Easy Arm Exercises for Big Guns!

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If you want big muscular, strong, and defined arms that you can be proud of, then you want to do these arm workout and exercises.

Understand your Arms

Arms muscles

The main muscle fiber groups of the arms are in the areas of triceps, biceps, and forearms.

The main muscle fiber bundles you’re going to focus on when building big arms are;

  • Biceps brachii (both long head and short head)
  • Triceps brachii (all the three heads, long, lateral, and medial)
  • Forearms (multiple bundles of the abductor, extensor, and stabilizing muscles)

Most people think that bigger biceps = bigger arms… but in reality bigger triceps = bigger arms. Triceps have a greater visual impact than the biceps since they compose 2/3 of your arm. And forearms, they’re like the calves of the arms, often neglected to the max.

Thus, one of the little-known “secrets” to building big arms is building big triceps.

The question now is, how do you build bigger biceps and bigger triceps that are strong and dense?

6 Best Arm Exercises for Big Guns!


There are a lot of theories out there about how to best train arms.

Some people say you have to focus on high-rep training and really feel the burn.

Others say the key is training them several times per week.

Others still say you don’t have to directly train them at all and should focus on major compound movements instead.

Well, I’ve tried all the above and more, and I’ve worked with lot of people, and what I’ve found is a combination of the above seems to work best.

That is, building big arms requires that you perform heavy compound lifts and directly train your major arm muscles with both low- and high-rep training. And, like with all major muscle groups, you have to emphasize heavy weightlifting to best stimulate muscle growth.

  1. Barbell Curl


The barbell curl has been a bodybuilding staple for over a century now for good reason: it’s one of the best all-around biceps builders you can do.

  1. Hammer Dumbbell Curl

Hammer Dumbbell Curl

The hammer curl is particularly useful for building up the biceps brachialis (the smaller muscle that helps give your biceps a visual boost).

  1. Chin-Up

chin up

The chin-up is a great “functional” movement that targets the biceps.

You can add weight with a dip belt or weighted vest as you get stronger, which ensures you can keep progressively overloading your muscles.

  1. Close-Grip Bench Press


If I were to do just one triceps exercise, it would probably be the close-grip bench press.

It’s a compound movement that allows you to safely push heavy weight and it also gives a little boost to your chest development.


When doing a close-grip bench press, your grip should be slightly narrower than shoulder-width and no closer.

You’ll see many guys place their hands just a few inches apart, and this is a bad idea—it puts the shoulders and wrists in a weakened, compromised position.

  1. Lying Triceps Press


The lying triceps press is great for developing the triceps

  1. Triceps Pushdown

tricep pusdowns

This is the most common triceps exercise that people do and, surprisingly, it’s quite good.

That said, I like to save it for later in my workouts after I’ve done heavier work on the other exercises given in this list.

I also like the V-bar and straight bar attachments more than the rope.

Remember–Progression is the Key to Muscle Growth

That’s it for the best arm exercises.

The key, however, isn’t just doing the exercises–it’s progressing on them. That is, increasing the amount of weight you can move over time.

If you don’t get stronger, you won’t get bigger.

But if you do work on building your strength on these exercises, and you eat enough food to grow, your arms will respond.

That’s it on the exercises. Out of all the dozens and dozens you could do, these6 are all you need to build strong, full, and big arms.

The key, however, isn’t just doing the above exercises. It’s progressing on them. That is, increasing the amount of weight you can handle over time.

Remember that as a natural weightlifter looking to get bigger, you must focus on getting stronger.

If you want to look jacked, you’re going to need big, strong, defined arms. And especially if you want to have guns showing with your clothes on.

Most weightlifters know this but fail to get the arms they really want mostly due to making one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Focusing on the wrong shoulder exercises
  • Focusing on high-rep training doing drop sets,super set
  • Neglecting progressive overload

And by the same token, you can basically guarantee good results by going in the other direction:

  • Focusing on below exercises
  • Doing a lot of heavy lifting
  • Ensuring you’re progressing over time

If you follow those principles, you can’t go wrong, and especially if you put most of your time and effort into the following 6 exercises:

  1. Barbell Curl
  2. Hammer Dumbbell Curl
  3. Chin-Up
  4. Close-Grip Bench Press
  5. Lying Triceps Press
  6. Triceps Pushdown


The Best Arm Workout Routine

Exercise Sets Reps
Chin-Up 3 8-12 Reps
Barbell Curl 4 8-12 Reps
 Hammer Dumbbell Curl 4 8-12 Reps
Close-Grip Bench Press 3 6-8 Reps
Lying Triceps Press 3 8-12 Reps
Triceps Pushdown 4 8-12 Reps

A good arms workout trains both the biceps (and both the biceps brachii and brachialis) and triceps (each of the heads) and, indirectly, the forearms, and focuses on heavy weights.

What About Supplements?

I saved this for last because, quite frankly, it’s far less important than proper diet and training.

You see, supplements don’t build great physiques–dedication to proper training and nutrition does.

Unfortunately, the workout supplement industry is plagued by pseudoscience, ridiculous hype, misleading advertising and endorsements, products full of junk ingredients, underdosing key ingredients, and many other shenanigans.

Most supplement companies produce cheap, junk products and try to dazzle you with ridiculous marketing claims, high-profile (and very expensive) endorsements, pseudo-scientific babble, fancy-sounding proprietary blends, and flashy packaging.

While workout supplements don’t play a vital role in building muscle and losing fat, and many are a complete waste of money…the right ones can help.

So let’s just quickly review the supplements that are going to help you get the most out of your arms (and other) workouts.

Recommended supplements

  • Whey Protein


Building big arms is not rocket science, and although some people try to make it sound like it would be astronomically complex, the reality is that you just need to properly work bicep & tricep.

You don’t need fancy drop-sets, no muscle confusion bullshit, or any other weird trickery. Just hit the arms workout once a week with focus and intensity following the above guidelines and you’ll grow.

As you can see, learning how to get big arms is not as hard as you think. Your biceps, triceps, and forearms grow when subjected to progressively heavier and heavier weight week after week, using exercises that maximize the muscle activation in target fiber bundles. Anything else is just hi-fi hype and very likely results in no extra gains whatsoever.

You can forget drop-sets, muscle confusion workouts, “pump-training”, and all that nonsense. If you’re natural trainee you simply need to pick up heavy objects and workout with them until you can pick up even heavier objects.

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