10 Tips On How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight And Exercise

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As you know being consistence  & discipline will give you results but it’s really difficult to stay on track but I am going to show you ways you can get motivated and stay on track.

The Most Important Thing On How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

  • Make a plan

Exactly write down what you are Planning to eat for the next 12 weeks.

What workout you are going to perform, here is the look for my plan.

Studies show that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them, so get out a pen and paper and get specific! How much weight do you actually want to lose? And how will you make it happen? Maybe your goal is to do cardio three times per week and strength train twice a week. Or maybe one of your goals is to eliminate all soda and sugary beverages from your diet. These are concrete goals that will help you lose weight. Tackling weight loss one goal at a time makes it more manageable and realistic, too.

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Make a plan for workout

  • Make a deadline

make sure you make a deadline that you will lose xx amount of fat in 3 months.I see people losing weight for many years and they still look the same.

dead line for fat loss

  • Have Realistic Expectations

Many diets and diet products claim quick and easy weight loss. However, most practitioners recommend only losing 1–2 pounds (0.5–1 kg) per week.

Setting unattainable goals can lead to feelings of frustration and cause you to give up. On the contrary, setting and accomplishing achievable goals leads to feelings of accomplishment.

Also, people who reach their self-determined weight loss goals are more likely to maintain their weight loss long-term.

  • Pick a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Find a weight loss plan that you can stick to, and avoid plans that would be nearly impossible to follow in the long term.While there are hundreds of different diets, most are based on cutting calories.Reducing your calorie intake will lead to weight loss, but dieting, especially frequent yo-yo dieting, has been found to be a predictor of future weight gain.

Therefore, avoid strict diets that completely eliminate certain foods. Research has found that those with an “all or nothing” mindset are less likely to lose weight.Instead, consider creating your own custom plan. The following dietary habits have been proven to help you lose weight

  • Decreasing calorie intake
  • Reducing portion sizes
  • Reducing frequency of snacks
  • Reducing fried food and desserts
  • Including fruits and vegetables


  • Keep Tracking Measure everything

Self-monitoring is crucial to weight loss motivation and success.

Research has found that people who track their food intake are more likely to lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

However, to keep a food journal correctly, you must write down everything you eat. This includes meals, snacks and the piece of candy you ate off your coworker’s desk.

You can also record your emotions in your food journal. This can help you identify certain triggers for overeating and help you find healthier ways to cope.

You can keep food journals on pen and paper or use a website or app. They have all been proven effective .I use myfitnesspal

  • Celebrate Your Successes

Losing weight is hard, so celebrate all your successes to keep yourself motivated.

Give yourself some credit when you accomplish a goal. Social media or weight loss sites with community pages are great places to share your successes and get support. When you feel pride in yourself, you will increase your motivation.

Moreover, remember to celebrate behavior changes and not just reaching a certain number on the scale.

For example, if you met your goal of exercising four days a week, take a bubble bath or plan a fun night with friends.

Additionally, you can further improve your motivation by rewarding yourself.

However, it’s important to pick appropriate rewards. Avoid rewarding yourself with food. Also, avoid rewards that are so expensive you would never buy it, or so insignificant that you would allow yourself to have it anyway.

The following are some good examples of rewards:

  • Getting a manicure
  • Going to a movie
  • Buying a new running top
  • Taking a cooking class

Human beings are hardwired for positive reinforcement, so giving yourself healthy rewards along the way can do wonders for your weight loss motivation. (As long as you’re not rewarding yourself with a binge day of ice ream and junk food after a week of healthy eating, of course.) Maybe it’s a relaxing pedicure if you get all your workouts in that week, or a new cookware set to make some healthy meals. Maybe you decide you’ll purchase a new workout outfit after a month of accomplishing those specific goals you set. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, just put some little rewards in place to motivate you to get moving.

  • Don’t Aim for Perfection and Forgive Yourself

You do not have to be perfect to lose weight.

If you have an “all or nothing” approach, you’re less likely to achieve your goals (10).

When you are too restrictive, you may find yourself saying “I had a hamburger and fries for lunch, so I might as well have pizza for dinner.” Instead, try to say, “I had a big lunch, so I should aim for a healthier dinner”.

And avoid beating yourself up when you make a mistake. Self-defeating thoughts will just hinder your motivation.

Instead, forgive yourself. Remember that one mistake is not going to ruin your progress.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by seeking perfection. You will have days when you muddle through your workouts and others where you feel on top of the world. Try to avoid “all or nothing” thinking, where you totally scrap a day if you eat a cookie or miss a workout. Follow the 80/20 rule of looking at your weight loss journey: aim to eat right and workout 80% of the time and absolutely expect that 20% of the time you are a human being (and not a robot!) and life will get in the way of your ideal plan.

“If you make an unhealthy diet choice, admit that you’re fallible, but don’t drown in a sea of judgmental thoughts,”

  • Learn to Love and Appreciate Your Body

Research has repeatedly found that people who dislike their bodies are less likely to lose weight

Taking steps to improve your body image can help you lose more weight and maintain your weight loss.

Furthermore, people who have a better body image are more likely to pick a diet they can sustain and try new activities that will help them reach their goals.

The following activities can help boost your body image:


  • Appreciate what your body can do
  • Do something for yourself, such as getting a massage or manicure
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, especially models
  • Wear clothes you like and that fit you well
  • Look in the mirror and say the things you like about yourself out loud



Pick a goal , make a plan and then start working towards it.  Keep it simple but specific and get started today.

Do a few push-ups, go for a walk, or eat a vegetable. Join the Rebellion – start fixing your nutrition with small changes today.

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