Increase you Muscle Growth GAIN 4lbs MUSCLE IN A MONTH

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Increase you Muscle Growth GAIN 4lbs MUSCLE IN A MONTH

If you want to accelerate muscle growth, you need a combination of healthy eating, supplements, and a training regimen designed specifically to build muscle mass. The best way to go about doing this safely and responsibly is to work with a professional trainer and a nutritionist who can help you design a program that is tailored to you personally to help you achieve your goals. However, there are a few things you can do on your own to increase your muscle size and strength.

Bodyweight Exercises

5 Ways to Increase Muscle Growth

  1. Slow down your lifts. Many people believe that if you want bigger muscles, you need to lift heavy weights as quickly as possible, doing as many reps as possible. However, slower reps enable you to concentrate on the muscles you’re working and ensure perfect form.[2]

With slower rates, you also have the opportunity to take your muscles through their full range of motion, leading to more even growth.

  1. Vary the speed of your reps. Fast reps and slow reps both have their place, provided you can lift rapidly with proper form. Varying the speed of your reps introduces an element of surprise so your muscles don’t adapt to the same movement.

For example, you might start with a moderately paced set, then move to a fast set, then move to a slow set, then go back to a moderately paced set.

Don’t lift any faster than you can with proper form. Make sure that on the fast reps you aren’t cheating the movement but are going through your full range of motion.

  1. Use heavier weights. If you’re trying to accelerate muscle growth, you need to lift the heaviest possible weight you can lift for the number of repetitions you have planned. Your muscles won’t grow unless they are adequately challenged.
  2. Rest Less Between Sets. Doing the same amount of work in less time or doing more work in the same amount of time is accomplished with decreased rest intervals. This is called “density” training because you are packing more volume into less time, making the workout denser.

Performing 10,000 pounds of volume in 90 minutes will yield less hypertrophic and strength gains as lifting the same amount in 60 minutes or, better yet, in less than 45 minutes. The key to effective implementation is not sacrificing bar weight. Remember, shortened rest intervals are no excuse for lifting pygmy weights.


Increasing frequency simply means train more often. Squatting twice a week, for example, overloads your system more than squatting once a week. For the bodybuilder, this might mean training five days per week instead of four, or giving a double split a shot.

For the strength athlete, it could mean performing one particular exercise more frequently. For a strongman, an increase in frequency could come in the form of an extra events practice session, and for the general fitness enthusiast it could mean an extra training day dedicated to focusing on a particular weakness. The possibilities are endless, and the fact remains that training more often is an overload.

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How To Burn Fat


So a few months ago I was talking to a guy in a gym I frequent often during the summer months.

As happens from time to time, I got asked for advice – this time about diet.

I have to say – he was pretty clued in. He was getting his protein and eating enough calories from clean sources. So then I asked about timing. And a problem became evident very quickly…

His last meal of the day was very small and very low in protein. Why? He thought that eating late (after 9pm) would make him fat and not contribute to muscle gains. 100%…NOT…TRUE.

Anyway, I gave him a meal idea consisting of protein, carbs and fat – and the protein came in at about 45g – enough to fuel growth all night. I also told him to cut back on some of his calories earlier in the day and move them to this 9-10pm slot.

UP 4lbs

About 4-5 weeks later, we re-connected and he told me he was up 4lbs and he believes it’s all lean gains! (he takes regular body fat readings with calipers like this).

I’ll explain how this works to produce far better gains and tell you exactly what to eat at bedtime in a minute.


ating at night does not make you fat. Fat is going in and out of your fat cells all day long. Assuming that total calories are the same, a person who eats more cals during the day is storing more fat during the day, but losing more fat at night. The guy who eats more at night is losing more fat during the day but storing more at night. It all evens out.

protein shakes


Let’s talk protein absorption rates. A solid food meal of protein, fat, and carbs will absorb at the rate of 4-5g protein per hour. Let’s err on the side of caution and take the 5g/hr figure. Let’s assume that you’ll be without food at night for about 9hrs.

5 x 9 = 45g protein

So to get through the night, all you need is a solid food meal containing around 45g protein (with good carbs and fats).


Whey is not an option here as it absorbs much too quickly (about 10g/hour). Yes you could have casein (it’s a slow-release protein), but why pay for casein when you can just have solid food?

Regarding whey protein, here are my recommendations:

So, in order to be anabolic all night and fuel growth from the very best protein sources, you should be opting for:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken or Turkey
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Quark or Cottage Cheese
  • Or any combination of these. These are the top 5 night-time proteins in my opinion.

So to hammer it home: At bedtime you should eat around 45g protein (if not a little more) from eggs, fish, beef, chicken, or cottage cheese.


Conclusion On How To Increase you Muscle Growth

  • Make sure to strength train 3 times per week
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Make sure to have adequate amount of protein
  • Keep it simple

If you need more help then Sign up for my 1-on-1 coaching program where you will get to learn your situation, your lifestyle, and your experience, and then build a workout program and nutritional strategy that fits into your busy life. We get to know you better than you know yourself, and we’ve got the results to prove it! Consider checking out my coaching program if you’re looking for that next level of expert guidance and accountability.



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