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‘Power Transformation Blueprint’ Program Application


THANK YOU so much for your interest in my coaching program!

This program is designed to help men and women of all ages and skill levels reach their fat loss and muscle gain goals over the next 12 Weeks!

Women and men who have done everything right in life, except making their health a priority. You have already created the life of your dreams. Now, let’s work together to keep you healthy and ensure you actually enjoy the lifestyle you created with all of your hard work.

This is your opportunity to apply for a 30-minute coaching call to help me understand what YOU need to take full ownership of your health and fitness.


Your time is very valuable, as is mine, and I only speak with highly motivated individuals who truly want to take their mindset, nutrition, and fitness to the next level.

I assume this is YOU since you’re here and taking the time to fill this out.

Are you ready to not only achieve but SURPASS your health and fitness goals?

In health,

Yavar Power

The Transformation Specialist


Limited Spots Left


What Will You Get 

  • 12 week tailored coaching
  • Custom Nutrition Plan (Flexible Meal Plan & Macros)
  • Personalized Training Plan Aligned with your Goals
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    Supplements guidance
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    Weekly Check-ins
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    Education Based
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    Evidence-Based Protocols
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    Private Facebook Group Support

Who AM I ?

Hey it’s Yavar Power here,

I’m just like you having a 9 – 5 job fed up gaining weight just sitting and sipping coffee all day long dreaming to become fit.

Through the day my energy levels were going low and feeling sleepy all the time

I decided to change my life I wanted to lose weight and have rock-hard abs achieve my dream physique wear my favorite clothes go to the beach and live a carefree life.

I became a certified trainer and learned the exact ways on how to lose fat and gain Muscle.

I decided to create a master plan that would not only help me, but also help others in the same situation

Today, I am here to bring to you an easy,straight forward way to lose  fat  and gain muscle in 12 weeks.

Let me be that person for you. I want to share my knowledge to help you achieve your goal!

Online coaching By Yavar Power

People Have Already Achieved Their Goal Body


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It is possible to have the cake and eat it too,

Now here’s the realization. It really becomes a lifestyle, and I have to thank Yavar for a lot of this. Working with him tor a few months really opened my mind, mostly by sheer exposure and observation. It IS possible to have the cake and eat it too, and all it takes is learning a few simple principles and integrate them in your routines with a degree of flexibility.
Feeling super energetic with the hustle, killing it at the gym, in best shape ever, and enjoying being checked out at the beach g Very grateful to have
had this opportunity!

Sarah  //  Designer

Yavar Power is a no nonsense guy with science to back up his knowledge.

Yavar is a  guy with science to back up his knowledge. The day i
started following his advice on diet. cardio, and weight lilting I started getting
Immediate results. i spend hail the time i used to at the gym and get twice the

Aasif  //  Business Analyst

  • What would you be Getting

  • • One on One Online Coaching for 12 weeks (Weekly Video chat & Check Ins) 
  • • 24/7 Support (WhatsApp,Email & Facebook Group)
  • • Meal Plan for 12 weeks (Exactly know what to eat when to eat )
  • • Workout Plan for 12 weeks (Achieve you Goal physique)
  • • Cardio Plan (When to do cardio to burn fat & get lean)
  • • Life Coaching (FREE)

  •  EVERY THING PERSONALIZED TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS  I believe in “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” I will educate you about nutrition, diet & everything you need to know to achieve your lean,chiseled physique

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