INTRODUCING….5 Rules For Extreme Fat Loss

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Below are the 5 Rules for Extreme Fat Loss if you have them in your plan i guarantee you that you will achieve you goal body


Yes you heard me right and i say this like a million times The amount of energy going in your mouth must be less than what your body needs. In this situation your body is literally forced to turn to its stored body fat for energy so to lose weight you need to eat less than what your body burns that means eat in a calorie deficit  thats this is how you lose weight.

his is fundamental and there’s no escaping it. Nothing else really matters if you’re not in a caloric deficit.


Now this rule helps with rule 1 as when you eat high protein foods you feel less hungry so you eat less so you lose weight simple and when you have high protein you don’t lose muscle so you look good and i hate skinny fat.

You WILL lose muscle when cutting if your protein intake is too low. 1g protein per pound of body weight is sufficient, but when advising people on a cut, I prefer to be a little more


  • High protein food so you don’t feel hungry
  • High protein food so you preserve muscles


When you are dieting down for few days you need to have more calories as this will help you feel happy & lets your muscle fill more glycogen in them so you can work more harder and lets your hormone recover. Refeeds are kind of tricky cause people often eat a lot and destroy their fat loss so for me generally i eat arnd 300-400 grams of carbs on refeed day


Yes when you do weight training you preserve your muscle and just lose fat and trust me you dont wanna look skinny fat as fat is 1st to come and last to goo so weight training will help you preserve muscle and gain muscle if you are a beginner

Cardio only burns calories when you’re doing it. Weight training keeps burning calories and keeps your metabolism raises for 36-48hrs after the training has ended.


PS: i am not saying cardio is bad its a tool which will help you reach your fatloss fast


I believe this is the most important you need to have the right mindset cause usually the body can achieve it but the mind doesn’t believe in you so once you make a plan stick to it doesn’t matter if its super tuff just follow it don’t let you monkey brain play with you (while writing this post i am feeling super hungry but i tell my mind that feeling hungry is part of the fatloss process rather than fighting it just accept it )

Stop feeling sorry for yourself when you’re cutting. Stop complaining about the food you can’t eat and so on.

All guys/girls who look lean and muscular on a consistent basis eat like this. It’s our LIFE. And we LOVE it. You are in the same boat as us.

STOP focusing on what you AREN’T GETTING, and start thinking about what you ARE GETTING. Everything worth having in life involves paying a price.

You want something in a store? You ask the price and you pay for it. Same deal with getting abs. Figure out the price that needs to be paid – the training and diet – and you resolve to pay the price. End of story.

Again…this is our life. And we love it. Join us 🙂

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