Finally…..A Summary of What I have Learned So Far in Fitness 2017

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As ull know i am a certified ISSA trainer but this didn’t stop me from learning I read countless books and after years in this field I came the following points

How To lose Weight

Simply to lose weight we need to exercise more and eat less here is the simple explanation to it we all require certain amount of calories to maintain our weight and we subconsciously eat that amount of calories so to lose weight we need to eat a little less calories so your body would start to lose weight PEROID.

Now lets come to food choices this is one big mistake i made that we need more protein and i was having enormous amount of food and protein powder also spending a lot of money to lose weight simply eat less quantity of food it doesn’t matter if its a pizza or a burger or an ice-cream but if you eat below your maintenance calories you would lose weight once you get the motivation you can start tweaking your macro nutrients (fats-carbs-protien)

Again to lose weight the most important thing as follows but remember priority starts from diet then sleep and so on

  1. Diet
  2. Sleep
  3. Weight Training
  4. Cardio


Diet > Sleep > Weight Training >Cardio > The Rest Allow yourself to eat the foods you love, just eat a little less of them.

-brad pilon

How To Gain Muscle

Gaining muscles is simple just Progressive Overload so basically it means always try  to progress in our workout there are different ways to progress as follows

• Use more weight for a given exercise (intensity or stress)
• Lift the same weight more times (volume)
• Lift the same amount of weight more often throughout the week/month

But Yavar whats the best workout plan so the answer is what ever suits you whatever workout you can follow consistently if it only means 1 workout per week that is fine but be consistent and progressively overload your workout you need to get stronger than the precious you!!


I came to a conclusion that after spending a lot of time in learning about fitness & nutrition it reminds me of a famous zen quote

“Before you study Zen, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers;
while you are studying Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and
rivers are no longer rivers; but once you have had enlightenment,
mountains are once again mountains and rivers again rivers.”


One the most important thing which i kept it in the end like cherry on the top MENTAL TRAINING yes have faith in yourself and believe and you would achieve your goals  because your thoughts turn into emotions and emotions turns in to action and the whole universe will be with you and no 1 can stop you from achieving your goals


Remember Slow is smooth & smooth is fast


Yavar Power

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