10 Tips On How To Travel in morocco & I Surprised My Wife For New Years

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This one is a different blog as I usually post about fitness but this one is personal, I am sharing my heart out.

You will find how I surprised my wife in morocco and yes she is Moroccan and I am Indian this already sounds fun.

You would exactly know how I got my visa my tickets and travel tips to morocco.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Morocco in Dubai

So yes, I had to apply for a tourist visa for morocco and I am currently living in UAE Dubai.

Getting visa for morocco is quite easy below are the documents required.

  • Passport Copy
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Flight tickets
  • NOC for my company

That’s it easy as it sounds, I had no hassle getting the visa I just had to submit all the above documents and fill a form which they provide and submit in the embassy below is the address of the morocco embassy in dubai

  • AddressVilla # 116, 13-B Street, Behind Satwa Park، Al Satwa – Dub – Dubai
  • Website : https://www.consulat.ma/
  • They are closed on Friday & Saturday

PS: for the tourist visa they usually take 2 weeks


How To Get Cheap Flights Last Minute To Travel in morocco?

I had got the best deal and actually booked my flights on the same day of travel and trust me I didn’t use any sky rewards or some wacky websites to book.

This is what I did

  • open window incognito as (if you open it normal the cookies on the browser makes the price go up every min)
  • GO to https://www.skyscanner.ae/
  • Search for the flights and book it 😊

I took a connecting flight and I used Oman air ways

Oman air way tickets to Travel in morocco

Travel Itinerary Morocco

As I was surprising my wife and I just had to go to the address which was printed on the passport and in fact I didn’t even tell her family as well.

So 1st thing I had to do is book a taxi for airport to her house so I used navetteforyou.com to book a taxi from the airport to the house.

The airport is away from the city.


Day 1  I arrived in Morocco.

So I reached the Casablanca airport in the morning and the taxi driver arrived and he could speak a little bit of English.

So I told him to take me to the address in the passport and he took me there and guess what ?

There was no one living in the house OMG! Then I had to call her dad up and tell him to pick me up but he was so shocked that I traveled so far to meet his daughter so I had to wait in a café for 1 hour.

After 1 hour his dad arrived and it was a friday, so he took me to eat lunch and then we went for prayers and we went to Hassan II Mosque which is the biggest mosque in Africa Hassan II Mosque Morroco Morrocan Food Moroccan fish food


then after praying i met my wife and she was really happy

Day 2

I wen to meet my wife’s family they had cooked amazing food for me they even cooked couscous

Dry fruits couscous



Day 3 Marrakech

I went to Jemaa el-Fnaa  its a  market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter then we went to a nearby park to walk

The huge, lively square at the heart of Marrakech, Jemaa-el-fna is one of the city’s principal attractions. By day or by night, the square is filled with wandering salesmen, musicians, dancers, and snake charmers attracting the attention of a cosmopolitan crowd, who come to experience the lively and colourful heart of Marrakech.

Jemaa el-Fnaa trio Jemaa el-Fnaa with imane walk in the garde Jemaa el-Fnaa Jemaa el-Fnaa

Trip to Marrakech Marrakech garden

Day 4 shopping in the Casablanca market

on day 4 we went to the market to buy things for my niece and nephew and also got Argan oil  aka gold of morocco for my family

10 Tips On How To Travel in morocco & I Surprised My Wife For New Years 1 10 Tips On How To Travel in morocco & I Surprised My Wife For New Years 2


Day 5

This was a complete family day good home cooked breakfast and lunch and then we went for dinner at the best place in Casablanca and evening walk at the beach

so for dinner we went to Basmane when you enter the place you are welcomed by a friendly greeter. Entering the restaurant, you are transported to a magical place. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is typical Moroccan decor with the beautiful intricate woodwork and gorgeous mosaics. There are many different dining areas that make up the restaurant, all with white linen tablecloths and a small vase with a single rose on each table and a little candle. It all looks very elegant. They serve traditional Moroccan dishes. We sat at a corner table on a very comfortable cushioned sofa. Even the fabric on the sofas was beautiful.

Casablanca sunset 10 Tips On How To Travel in morocco & I Surprised My Wife For New Years 3 basman yavar yavar & imane Casablanca breakfast basmane Casablanca morroco 10 Tips On How To Travel in morocco & I Surprised My Wife For New Years 4

Finally now its time for me to go back to dubai


Weather in Morocco during Winter (Jan-Dec)

weather in morocco

Top Travel Tips When You Travel Morroco

  1. Keep Local Currency with you
  2. keep correct change with you
  3. Learn the basics of how to ask for direction or help in Moroccan Arabic or french
  4. stay away from local guide who provide free service
  5. Ask before taking photos :When you’re walking through the markets, be careful about taking photos of people and shops. Unless you are purchasing something, they may get angry at you and even demand money for the photos. When we took photos of the snake charmers, we paid 20 DH. Some may even hassle you for more, so it’s good to first establish a price before taking a photo.
  6. Get Phone Data in Morocco While you’ll find that most cafés, restaurants, and hotels in the city have Wi-Fi, it’s handy (and cheap!) to have 4G when you’re exploring the country. You can grab a Maroc Telecom SIM card for only 40 dirhams (just over 4 USD) and get 10GB of data for 100 dirhams (10 USD).
  7. DON’T agree to cab drivers offer prematurely make sure to use the meter
  8. Do try all the local food 
  9. DO negotiate over the price of a hotel room.
  10. Fridays are holy days so be prepare for a holiday keep in mind that it is a Muslim country, so pay attention to their holidays otherwise you might be there when everything is closed. Also, most shops and attractions are closed on Friday since it’s their holy day.


Morocco is an awesome place and its must see specially the nature and food is the best.

Overall, Morocco is a beautiful country, and we’re happy to have experienced it. I hope this doesn’t scare you from visiting. As long as you’re completely aware of your surroundings, and you go in with the right mindset and expectations, you can have a wonderful experience.

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