What are Cheat meals? How To Use Cheat Meals

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Learn What are cheat Meals & How To Use Them On A Diet

Reason Of Cheat Meals?

Cheat meals are all about helping you stick to your diet. The most common reason people fail to reach their goal (or fail to maintain it afterward) is because they stop eating the way they need to be eating.

cheat meals are: small planned breaks in your regularly scheduled diet that serve to keep you sane and happy. And since you planned for it, there’s no guilt involved.

What’s The Proper Way To Use Cheat Meals?

Eat a little above your maintenance calories

two general guidelines:

  1. Don’t go too crazy.
  2. Don’t do it too often.

Videos to check out:

how to calculate your maintaince calories (3 Easy Methods ) https://youtu.be/tc7OS5xOe_Y

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